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Any size donation will be greatly appreciated to assist us in ensuring children learn and grow.

Grandma's Love, Inc. was started by a woman who knows only too well what the families she serves go through each day. She understands how hard it is to choose between food and rent, medicine and bills.


Children should never have to worry about where their next meal will come from and yet, they do.

Too many children share a sandwich at lunch time with a sibling. Too many children go to bed

hungry and tell their teacher the next morning they can't think because their stomach hurts

(of course it does, they haven't eaten the night before).


It is up to us to help these children and their families have enough food and teach them both child and adult about how they can change their lives and be nourished enough to learn in school. Grandma's Love makes sure this happens with weekly food backpacks, classes on eating healthy and nutrition, classes on working with the foods from pantry's and making them healthier and more nourishing.


But we can't do this alone. Covid-19 pivoted us to a new level of care and expanded our outreach to both young and old, children and college students and those directly affected by the virus. We need your help to continue our work, we depend on our neighbors to help us help others.


Interested in a corporate donation? Contact us today to find out how.

Interested in a Legacy Gift?                          to find out more. 


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