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Our Story

Empowering children by

combating childhood hunger.

Our Mission
Grandma’s Love, Inc. mobilizes communities, individuals and resources to ensure children at risk of hunger are provided
with enough food and books to grow into healthy, happy and active children emotionally, physically and educationally.
Our Vision
Every school-aged child needs proper nourishment to learn and grow. Grandma’s Love, Inc. strives to ensure children and their families do not go hungry over the weekends and non-school weeks by working with individuals and organizations within communities we serve and beyond.  Grandma’s Love, Inc. also empowers children with literacy materials to enhance their reading and comprehension skills for a successful future.

Our Impact


Grandma's Love, Inc. is a  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to combating childhood hunger

in communities throughout New York City, especially in low income and at-risk neighborhoods.

Grandma's Love, Inc. was founded in 2015 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn by Theresa Monforte-Caraballo. 

Over the years of raising her children, grandson and working in Brooklyn and Staten Island schools,

Theresa began to see children asking for extra meals and realized hunger was a major issue with many school

children. She launched Grandma's Love at a local Brooklyn elementary school and discreetly supplied children in

need and their families with a backpack of food during the school year. Theresa has since expanded
Love to other area schools and extended it throughout the entire year. 

Grandma's Love recognizes that a nourished child has a greater ability to learn and succeed in school. Grandma's

Love also provides in-need children with books, literacy programs, and educational resources to continue

"feeding the minds of our future."

Grandma's Love truly believes that making sure children have enough food to eat is important to their

physical, psychological, emotional, educational and social well being. Grandma's Love, Inc. is supported

by local community members and businesses, private and public donors, corporate sponsors and various

grants in making the dream of empowering children by combating hunger possible.


When school dismisses on Friday afternoons, more than 16 million children across America will leave their classrooms, not knowing if they or their family will have food to eat over the weekend.


Children are chosen quietly by school social workers and parent coordinators. Parents are then contacted and offered our program. 

If accepted, our children are discreetly given their food packages each week. 


Our weekend food backpacks help our children to return to school on Monday mornings ready to learn.

Our children have more focus and concentration which leads to grade improvement,

less absenteeism,

and fewer sick days.


 The impact has a ripple effect on children and their families to set them up for success for years to come.

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