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Chris Long Foundation and Connor Barwin Celebrate "First Quarter Literacy Week"

Grandma's Love, Inc. celebrated "First Quarter Literacy Week" at a local Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Pre-K Center with the help of the Chris Long Foundation (Chis is a Defensive End for the Philadelphia Eagles), Connor Barwin (Connor is a Linebacker for the New York Giants) and First Book.

Grandma's Love Founder and Executive Director, Theresa Monforte-Caraballo, shared the book Friends by her favorite author Eric Carle. The children were amazing and listened to every word that was read. They even helped break down the BIG words. Each child received a copy of Friends along with a few other books to begin or add to their home library.

Big thank you's to....

Maria Dellas and her wonderful staff for welcoming us into their classroom for storytime.

Camille Orrichio Loccisano and Diane Gounardes for helping us bring our Literacy giveaway to our local children.

The parents that came out in the snow to show their children how important literacy is, they too enjoyed our story.

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